Wedding planning and design

The proposal has been made and the first important “yes” has been said: it’s time to start dreaming about the big day!

Every wedding requires a strong professionalism, inspiration and careful planning and is built listening to your needs, your desires. Depending on your needs, I will find the best solution to achieve your dream. Everything will be cared for in detail: from the realization of the project, to communication with various suppliers and my coordination for your special day. Nothing will be left unlooked at.

I start each of my projects by outlining the budget for the event with the bride and groom-to-be, slowly learning about their desires and needs and keeping track of the expenses for each of their chosen services. After discussing the maximum budget allocated for the event with the future newlyweds, my task will be to distribute the respective expenses to the different suppliers, based on the importance of the service set by the couple.

The phases I love most are certainly: location scouting because I love discovering and visiting the beautiful places that “My Tuscany” has to offer; I also love the creative phase because it allows me to get to know the soul of my bride and groom-to be more and more, and to get in touch with them. I connect with them, guiding them through the confusion of a thousand ideas and carefully listening to catch those little details that may prove key in making a 100% personal and original event.

What’s included:

  • Consultation with the couple to understand you idea of wedding;
  • Discussion and budget management;
  • Selection of all the vendors involved in the process;
  • Assistance researching, evaluating and booking your venue;
  • Inspiration design session, creative input including mood-board;
  • Designing and printing invitation;
  • Party favours for your guest to take home;
  • Assistance in chooising catering, menù and the set-up for the wedding reception;
  • Vintage car, vespa, fiat 500 rent to transport you from/to the venue on the “big day”;
  • Music and music and whatever you want as entertainment for your big day
  • Organising meals or get-togethers before and after the wedding day, such as a pizza party, pool party or brunch;
  • I create a time line and dynamic of the event to share it with all the vendors involved;
  • I provide complete supervision of the event throught the course of the event.

My idea of the wedding planner is that of a discreet and calm figure, observing the scene and making sure that everything runs smoothly, just like a director behind the scenes of his film. My staff and I are present making sure that the pre-established timing is respected without any setbacks and that the bride and groom are relaxing and enjoying their special day to the fullest. By being on-site, I can easily communicate with providers and make sure the whole team is working harmoniously, ready to handle any last-second bumps in the road as well.


Looking for a wedding planner?

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