About me

Hi, I'm Martina, Destination Wedding Planner.
I love my homeland: Tuscany!
I organise events and weddings for Italian and foreign couples, turning their dreams and wishes into reality.

Unconventional planner, that’s how I love to describe myself!

My aptitude for design, programming and passion for fine details led me to follow a technical, rigid and highly formative course of study.
In fact, I graduated in Construction Engineering at the University of Pisa.

I wanted to put my experience and know-how to serve something that could fill others with joy, and that’s how I chose to devote my professional life to designing weddings;

When I organise an event, I bring to bear my technical skills relating to space and time organisation, budget management and the ability to manage suppliers and collaborators, combining all this with creativity, enthusiasm and refinement with extreme balance and elegance, typical traits of my personality.

I organise weddings with the accuracy of an engineer, and the passion of someone who has found his true calling!

My Approach:

It all starts with a deep listening and understanding of my clients’ needs: from this empathy comes the trust that allows me to interpret ideas and transform them into a real, concrete project, which comes to life on the day of the event.

My mission is to make sure that everything is perfect and exclusive in full respect of the budget, taste and personality of the couple. I love to give life to a unique event that will tell everything about the spouses and that is in their image and likeness.

Over time, I have selected the best suppliers to ensure impeccable and high quality service; all my collaborators have the same goal, that every couple experiences their wedding day stress-free and the magic of our beautiful Tuscan land.

For me, each event, each couple is special and different from all the others and it is always a new and fascinating challenge!

Looking for a wedding planner?

Tell me your dream, we will make it real!